Nawaz hires Jehangir Jadoon as legal counsel to represent him NAB references


ISLAMABAD: Advocate Jehangir Jadoon has been hired by Nawaz Sharif to represent him at London Flat Reference in the Accountability Court. Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz failed to appear before court, Aaj News reported. 

Islamabad accountability court heard case regarding London Flat Reference against Nawaz Sharif, on Wednesday.

Jehangir Jadoon represented Nawaz Sharif in the absence of him. Maryam Nawaz’s counsel Amjad Pervaiz failed to appear in the court due to his ill-health, the court gave him a last chance for submitting final argument on June 19.

NAB prosecutor and assistant lawyer argued over the absence of Amjad Pervaiz. NAB prosecutor termed his absence as a tactics to delay the case. He said, ‘If lawyers cannot processed the case then summon the suspects, I will run my case by myself.’

Assistant lawyer raised question on the language of NAB prosecutor and said, ‘Morality paper were used to be a part of law, is not visible today.’

Assistant lawyer said that it was difficult for another lawyer to continue the case further, on which Judge Mohammad Bashir said, ‘Jehangir Jadoon is appearing in the court from the case’s first day and he understands the it well.’

The court adjourned the case till June 19.