Indian businessman gifts mosque to workers in UAE



Web Desk: A 49-year-old Indian Christian businessman Saji Cheriyan, who landed in the UAE in 2003, that time he had few hundreds dirhams only, but after the 15 years he has earned enough money that can serve the society.

Cheriyan is being featured in news channels because of his noble deeds. He gifted a mosque to hundreds of workers this Ramadan.

He built the mosque for Muslim workers who were living in a worker accomodation. The mosque is built at a cost of DH 1.3 million in the East Ville Real Estate complex in Al Hayl Industrial Area.

At a time, around 250 worshipers can easily be accommodate. It will also give a facility to another 700 to pray in the interlocked courtyard.

The idea of building mosque was come, when he saw workers taking taxis to go to the nearest mosque. He said, ‘They have to spend at least Dh20 to go to Fujairah city or another industrial idea to attend the Juma prayer in a mosque. So, I thought it will make them happy if I build a mosque here next to their accommodation.”

Source: Indiatimes