Home can be cooled without an AC



Web Desk: Summers are brutal and this year holy month Ramadan fell on extreme hot weather. The fasting expected to last nearly 14 hours a day. Things are becoming really challenging if there is no air conditioning. But here are eight ways that can allow you to beat the summer by keeping your home cool.

Have a look.

Make a smart strategy to leave window open

#1 You got to play smart and make a strategy to leave windows open.  

Keep your windows open in the morning as it’s cool at that time of the day. But don’t forget to shut them in the afternoon as it gets warm.

Break up with electronics in summers

#2 It's time to break up with electronics in summers. 

It is important to ditch appliances in summers because they get hot easily. Specially, unplug them when they are not in use.

Cover window

#3 Apart from curtains, towels and blankets can be used to cover the windows. 

Apart from curtains, use towel and blankets to cover the windows. Use towels on the floor to cover the bottom part of the door to stop cool air from getting out.

Just two things, ice and a fan

#5 Just two things: Ice and a fan. 

Put some ice in a large bowl and place it close to the fan. This will maintain a misty breeze in your home.

Try cooling only one room

#6 Try cooling only one room. 

You can’t cool the whole house, so try to cool only one room that you are using.

Use exhaust fans

#7 This is a good time to bring exhaust fans in use. 

It is perfect time to bring those kitchen and bathroom fans to use.

Planting trees

#8 Trust me, planting trees and plants will benefit you in all seasons. 

Plants can be used as a shield against sunlight. So plant trees and plants to keep your home cool.

Minimize cooking, washing clothes and showering

#9 Minimise cooking, drying clothes or even showering. 

Reduce doing such things because it can cause humidity in the house. Minimize washing clothes, cooking and showering.

Source: Wittyfeed