361 killed in Karachi violence incidents in 11 months.


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 KARACHI: Citizens-Liaison Police Committee (CPLC) on Thursday released a crime report comprising 11-month data from January to November 2017 that showed 361 people were killed in different violence incidents in Karachi.

According to a 11-month Karachi crimes report, 188 four-wheeler vehicles were snatched and 1143 stolen, while 1888 two-wheelers were snatched and 22266 stolen.

It further said that 12,010 mobile phones were snatched and 16079 stolen. Eleven kidnapping for ransom cases were reported, while 61 extortion cases happened. Eight banks were also looted during this period.

The CPLC statistics shows that the curbing crimes is still challenge for LEAs in Karachi.-PPI