What Ali Zafar said about item song?



Web Desk: Ali Zafar, who is facing sexual harassment, says that he would like to stay away from films or songs that involve objectification of women.

He shared his thoughts on item song in the films. While talking to IANs in a telephonic interview from Lahore, he told, ‘It depends on how it is done. Freedom of expression is something that we have. We should have the right to have that but how we use it, is very important. If it doesn’t demean a woman or objectify women and is done in an entertainment manner, I don’t see any6 harm in that.’

If there is any element of objectifying, he then personally stay away from it.

“There are some people who are more towards that kind of cinema which is more realistic. They say their films should not have an item number and there are others in the commercial world. They say there should be item numbers in films and there is nothing wrong with it. This (Item number) is our take on the whole conversation,” he added.

Movie of Ali Zafar, ‘Teefa in Trouble’ will hit the screens in about 25 countries, including Russian, on July 20.