Total 4,888 polling stations established in all Karachi districts


Karachi: Total four thousand, eight hundred and eighty-eight polling stations have been established in Karachi’s all districts, in which 45,88,233 males and 35,18,953 females can cast their votes.

According to Election Commission, total number of registered voters in Malir district is 7,51,526, out of which 4,39,166 are males and 3,12,360 are females, the number of polling station for them is 536.

Total voters in Korangi District is 13,18,705, out of which males population is 7,43,490 while females are 5,75,215. To accommodate them, 784 polling stations have been established.

In Karachi East District, total 753 polling stations have been established for total 14,36,109 voters comprised of 7,82,457 males and 6,53,652 females.

District South will have 484 polling stations for total 10,80,652 voters (6,00,653 males and 4,79,999 females).

In the Karachi West District, the number of polling station is 1,202 for the total number of voters 16,60,057, out of which 10,00,387 males and 6,59,670 females.

In the central district, the voters’ population is 18,60,137, comprised of 10,22,080 males and 83,00,857 registered female voters. The number of polling station here is 1,129.