This device will save you from food poisoning



Web Desk: Sometime it is hard to judge the food through its smell because human’s abilities have some limitations. In order to cope with the issue, machines take over and fill in the gap.

wireless food sensing device

Recently, US researchers have come up with a new way of artificially smelling food. They developed a technique for the ultimate ‘smell test’ to detect rotten food among perishable items.

food poisoning detecting sensor

This wireless sensor device easily sync with any smartphone and warn consumers and food retailers when meat or veggies are going bad or spoiled. This can detect substances called biogenic amines (BAs), basically it gives bad smelling food. In this way, it will prevent you from catching food poisoning.

With the help of this new device you can be able to successfully detect the build-up of biogenic amines, the substance that tells our nose if food has gone bad.