These dehydration warning signs you should never ignore



Web Desk: Drinking eight glasses of water daily, is not easy for everyone. Despite of your fast-paced lives and busy schedule, do not neglect some aspects of your health.

There are some signs that hinted you that you’re dehydrated and your body requires water.

According to My Domaine, pinch the skin on the arm or on the lower abdomen, your skin elasticity easily tells your body’s dehydration.  From the medical point of view, skin elasticity or skin turgor has ability to change shape and return to normal.

When you pinch your skin, notice if its shape quickly turns back to normal. This means that you are adequately hydrated. However, if it takes longer for your skin to go back to normal after a quick pinch, that could mean you should probably be drinking more water.

Some of the main indicators are small appetite, intense thirst, exhaustion, headache and poor memory.