Scientist from Lyari discovers cancer-killer mechanism



Web Desk: A Pakistani scientist, Muhammad Waqas Usman Hingoro made cancer research breakthrough. The award-winning scientist belongs to Karachi’s Lyari area.

The scientist discovered a mechanism that can fight against wide-range of cancer types and kill cancer. He was among the team of international cancer biologists who found the ability of ‘Extracellular Vesicles (EVs), the component of red blood cells. It will delivery nanoparticles into the affected parts as well as the whole organism.

The research titled ‘Efficient RNA drug delivery using red blood cell extracellular vesicles’ is published in the latest science journal, ‘Nature Communication.’

Waqas Usman Hingoro received his Bachelor degree in Clinical Laboratory in 2010. Then he joined Agha Khan University for advance his research work. He was awarded the best prize in 2018, at the International Symposium of Graduate Students.