Saudi man caught while eating pork?


—file photo

Web Desk: A Michigan man pretended to be Saudi prince came crashing down last year when a real estate developer noticed him eating non-halal dish PORK, Reported Dailymail.

Anthony Gignac posed as a Saudi prince for 20-years. In actual, he belongs to Colombia and was adopted as a child by a Michigan couple, said by prosecutor.

He was caught in November while travelling from London to New York with passport written different name on.

Gignac’s scam came to date back to 1091, when documents from 2008 Michigan court case showed, he passed himself as Saudi prince and cheated a hotel and several companies in that state of approximately $10,000.

He continued to live the life of a wealthy foreign royal, despite running into problem with the law, he lived very luxurious life with exclusive fisher Island and expensive cars in Miami.

After couple of months he had first meeting with Soffer, which he was introduced as Saudi crown Prince Khalid Bin al-Saud.

In August, he returned gesturing by inviting Soffer to his Penthouse apartment, where he gave him a letter from bank of Dubai, guaranteeing him for $600million. Gignac also displayed his two luxury cars from his collection.