Salman Khan warns Katrina and Jacqueline



Web Desk: Bollywood’s Dabangg Bhaijan’s tour of the US and Canada is proving to be a success in more ways than one. The actor has also managed to effect a miracle of sorts.

Recently, he warned actresses Katrina Kaif and JacquelineFernandez to give up their mutual hostility ans call it a truce.

“Salman sat them down one evening and spoke to them. He even said that he would lock them both up in a room until they sorted out their differences, just like Jeetendra once locked up Sridevi and Jaya Prada. But such extreme measures were not required, as Katrina and Jacqueline kissed and made up in Salman’s presence, promising to remain cordial. And they actually kept their word! They’ve even been spotted hanging out together while not performing on stage during the tour,” reveals a member of Salman’s team. Now, that’s what we call Bhai-chara.