New technology will free you from medicines’ side effects


-The Irish Times

Web Desk: The main issue with the medicines was their side effects that affected patients for years.

But luckily, a new technique has developed that precisely target molecules within cells is paving the way for safer medicines that are free of side effects.

This will manipulate molecules from compartment within individual cells. The same molecules do different things depending on their location. This exactly locates the effected location while avoiding locations that would cause harmful side effects.

Researcher Zhu said, ‘The problem with side effects is caused because you just could not distinguish the molecules doing different things in the same cell.’


“If you blocked a molecule, you blocked it regardless of what it was doing. And that usually has unwanted side effects. Almost every drug that can treat diseases has side effects, either major or minor, but usually they always have something,” he added.

But Zhu’s new work highlights the downside of that approach. A molecule might be causing problems because of what it’s doing in one part of the cell, but, at the same time, that same molecule is doing something entirely different in other parts. So shutting it down entirely would be like trying to solve the problem of traffic congestion by banning cars.