Mulk teaser: Indian movie inspired by 26/11?



Web Desk: Teaser of Indian movie named, ‘Mulk’ starred Rishi Kapoor, recently released its teaser. It reveals to be an intense courtroom drama and is said to be inspired by several real-life events.

According to source close to the production states, ‘While the entire film is based on different events that highlight the socio-political perceptions plaguing the nation, Anubhav(Film Director) wanted to bring about a mass awareness that mobilizes the foot soldiers of change.’

In the trailer, it is shown that a family member try to help own family that trapped in a dark controversy.

Allegedly, a lot of inspiration was taken from 26/11, Hindu-Muslim riots, and Babri Masjid, for the narrative to give a new perspective on the Hindu-Muslim conflict and showcase a resolution.  India is ranked number four in the world when it comes to religious violence and while the constitution allows for religious freedom, it’s rarely practiced and that aspect was something that Anubhav wanted to portray.

Prateik Babbar will play the role resemble Ajmal Kasab while Rishi Kapoor will play Murag Ali Muhammad, has dialogues highlighting Osama Bin Laden while Taapsee Pannu represents a blanace between two worlds (Hindu woman Aarti married to a Muslim man Mohammad).