Most famous Ice-Cream in japan named ‘Tower Ice-Cream’


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In the world, there are many people who have been fond of eating Ice-Cream. Japan’s restaurant has introduced a new shape of Ice-Cream which resembles building tower.

This tower shape Ice-Cream is available in Japan’s restaurant. this shaved Ice-Cream’s height is 634 millimeter.

Ice-Cream lovers usually take Ice-Cream while strolling but for this ice-Cream you have to sit any specific place to eat because it’s too hard to eat while strolling.

This tower shape Ice-Cream is made in just summer weather and Japanese wait for it very impatiently.

The most interesting thing about shaved Ice-Cream is it’s made very skillfully and it doesn’t melt for long term.

Shaved Ice- Cream is just made by ice and it is decorated by different colors.

Many people name this Ice-Cream ‘TOWER’ and many of them termed it ‘BURJ KHALIFA’.

This ice-Cream is the cheapest ice-Cream which can’t be eaten my one people it is too hard to eat by one person.