Mohatta Palace: A background story of the place



Web Desk: Mohatta Palace is one of the most fascinating places in Karachi. It was constructed in the posh area of Clifton, in 1927 by Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta, who was a Hindu Marwari. He built this place during his visit to Karachi to spend his Holidays.

Mohatta Palace was architected by Agha Ahmed Hussain. Traditional stone places in Rajasthan and pink Jodhpur stone in combination with the local yellow stone from Gizri, were used to build this masterpiece. There is long tunnel in the Palace that leads to a Temple.The most-talked aspect of this place is, it was a residence of mother of nation, Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah after 1960. Later on, her daughter ‘Sheeren Jinnah’ lived here but after her death, the palace became a Museum.

Background story leads to it’s construction

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A book, titled ‘Karachi Taareekh Kay Aaeenay Main’ authored by Karachi historian, Usman Damohi featured the palace in this book and explained a less-known story about the Palace.

He said that, one of the main reasons of building this Palace was a Mohatta’s wife. She was suffered from serious illness. Doctors suggested the Mohatta that her illness could be cured if she gets refreshing winds from the sea. This made him to build this beautiful and fascinating bungalow in Karachi’s seaside area Clifton.

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After the partition of Pakistan, Mr. Mohatta ‘s plan was to live in Karachi but one day a powerful political figure pursued him to vacate the Mohatta Palace for some government office. So overnight, he packed his belonging and migrated to Bombay. In easy words, he gifted the palace to government and never visited Karachi ever again.

Why the place considered as ‘Creepy’?

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Mohatta palace, a museum in Karachi also considered as a horror place. Many visitors have said that many strange things happen there. Workers also claim that things move themselves, lights moves around, when no one is inside. According to the guards, this place is haunted by ghosts from the British Raj and their presence is felt during the night.

Why you should visit?

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The palace of 18,500 sq ft, offers a diverse range of activities for both the casual and informed visitor. As it is a historical place of Pakistan so it has importance in the educational point of view. This fascinating place will surely attract the children and our youth who are passionate about traveling and exploring.

The palace has largely stately rooms designed for entertainment on the ground floor and more private facilities on the first floor. There are also peacock motifs in the stonework and they are found around each of the nine domes. Public transports are also available to the museum. The palace is also being used to hold conferences.