Mobile glitch sends guy’s entire phone gallery to his girlfriend



Web Desk: A glitch in Samsung phones sent entire galleries of the phone to someone from his contact without asking him.

A man on Wednesday, bought the glitch into the light by going onto Reddit to tell his story. He explained, his entire camera phone photo was sent to his girlfriend without his knowledge.

He quoted, ‘My S9+ sent my entire phone gallery to my girlfriend last night while I was sleeping. There is no record of it on my messages app. However there was record of it on T-Mobile logs.’

People commented felt his pain and sympathized with him. One said, ‘Um, this is disturbing’. While other asked, ‘So S9s come with divorce lawyers?’

A lot of people are very worried by this. Some people have said that the thought of this is even worse than the thought of their phone spontaneously catching fire or blowing up in their hands.