How use of emoji can crash your iPhone?



Web Desk: Apple’s iPhones and iPads are facing an emoji-related bug. People of China, who are using iPhone, reporting a bug related to the Taiwanese flag emoji and the word ‘Taiwan’ which when used, leads to any iOS app crashing.

A few month ago, due to China’s political tensions with Taiwan. Apple took to censor the Taiwan flag emoji for all iPhone users in China, instead of flag.

When the user received the Taiwan emoji or the word ‘Taiwan’, iOS would instantly crash. This bug was spread through iOS too.

After a developer dug inside the iOS codes, he found that Apple’s censorship efforts led the codes to assume a null value for the Taiwan emoji or the word when a ‘RemoveEmoji’ operation was run on devices limited to certain regions. The censorship codes were reported to work fine on most Chinese devices, but created the reported issues for some devices, including some that were registered outside the Chinese region.