Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak is almost a reality



Web Desk: Undoubtedly, it is cool when JK Rowling had it right when she insisted the invisibility cloak the most useful of the three Deathly Hallows.

The national Institute of Scientific Research’s has published a study describing an invention they call a spectral cloaking device. Basically, its device can render objects completely invisible, even in daylight.

How is it possible?

Sunlight is actually spread across different frequencies along with electromagnetic spectrum. This contains invisible frequencies like X-rays, gamma rays and as well as visible light. The visible spectrum appears to us as white sunlight, but it’s actually made up of colors (VIBGYOR), each having their own frequency range.

We can see a particular color, when light interacts with the color of an object.

The researchers built a filter that can change the frequency of light falling on an object to instead make it a color that won’t  interact. If you looked at that blue car under a red light, it would combine with the natural light and appear magenta.

Theoretically simple, but somewhat logistically hard to achieve. Still, it probably won’t be too long before this team or another figures out how to miniaturise the setup even further, probably making it portable enough to carry around. And then voilà, you have an Invisibility Cloak.