Farooq Sattar showed reservation over Karachi’s general election


KARACHI: Leader of Muttehda Quami Movement, Farooq Sattar expresses his reservation over the upcoming general elections, Aaj News reported. 

Addressing the media on Monday, Sattar said, ‘Our party members are not allowed to run the campaign as they are still getting arrested.’

MQM leader said that the different environment would be created just days before election.

Moreover, Sattar added, ‘MQM is the only party that spends really small amount to compete in the election due to limited resources, MQM’s low cost effective deal is a matter of upper point.’’

He said that Punjab is being decorated with banners and flags of different parties whereas the banners and flags of MQM are removed by election commission.

In addition, he said, ‘Election’s code of conduct is strictly being followed in Karachi, election campaign is banned here, efforts are being made to eradicate the low turnout.’

‘Due to such Match-fixing, few seat would be won by a party while other few would be given to second-one. In the end, the rest of the seats will be given to MQM and we will not be accept it,’ he continued.

He demanded, ‘MQM should not be given reason to boycott the election, it is election commission’s responsibility to hold transparent election.’