15 Most amazing places in pakistan that you must visit in 2018


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This is 2018 started before 7 months, many people in Pakistan has decided to visit different kind of places. Many decided to go abroad and many of them want to go Pakistan tour so now we are suggesting you to must visit the best places that featured natural beauties and the historical treasures of Pakistan.

We have compiled a list of 20 amazing places that everyone should visit this year.

1. Rohtas fort-Jehlum

Visit it to see the amazing fort and the history of Rohtas fort.

—Farhan majeed

2. Kalam-Sawat

If you are a lover of natural beauty and calmness, visit kalam.

3. Ratti Gali Lake – Azad Kashmir

Visit Ratti gali lake to see the amazing natural beauty.

4. PAF Museum – Karachi

Visit it to see the most amazing historical and modern jet.

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5. Bolan Pass

Visit it to see the most amazing train routes in the world.

6.Bahria Town – Karachi

Visit it to see one of the most beautiful town in Pakistan.

7. Noor Mahal – Bahawalpur

Visit it to see one of the most fascinating ancient places in Pakistan.

8. Katas Raj Temple – Chakwal

Visit it to see the historical temple and enjoy classical scenry.

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9. Kund Malir Beach

Visit it to see one of the most attractive beach to enjoy in Pakistan.

10. Gwadar – Balochistan

Gawadar is one of the most important sea port for Pakistan, visit it to see amazing views.

—yasir nisar

11.Taobutt – Neelum Valley – Azad Kashmir

Visit it to see the beautiful greenery and amazing landscape.

12. – Kumrat Valley – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Kumar valley is one of the most beautiful valley in Pakistan with long trees and blue water.

13. Kalash Valley – Chitral

Visit kalash to see the beatiful scenery and it can remind you Pakistani culture.

—sajjad haider

 15. Margalla Hills – Islamabad

Visit margala hills to enjoy the long wavy drive and see the beatiful view of Faisal mosque.

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—syed ibrahim

15. Mazare Quaid—Karachi

Mazare quid is the tomb of Quid e Azam, visit it to see graves of our great leaders and also museum of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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