Woman can’t take bath as she is allergic to water



Web Desk: Giving birth to a child is an especial moment for a mother, for which she suffers a lot not only before delivery but also after the birth of her child. In some cases the aftermath can be too unpleasant.

Same happened to a 25-year-old woman, Cherelle Farrugia, who gave birth to her daughter in January. What troubles her is water. When she takes bath, started experiencing painful and itchy halves on her body.

She has a rare disorder called aquagenic uticaria that causes allergy to her body when ever she exposed to any kind of water. Globally, 35 cases have been reported.

According to doctor, being diagnosed with post-partum depression and the pregnancy affected Cherelle’s hormones causing the condition.

The rashes appeared on her body within five minutes when she is in the water and they are extremely painful. She gets rashes even when she sweats but can drink water since she isn’t affected internally.

In many extreme cases, people with this condition can’t drink plain water as their throat swells. There is no cure for the condition she is suffering from.

Source: Deccanchronicle