Why the Kim Jong-Un brought his own toilet to Singapore Summit



Web Desk: President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un met in Singapore historical Summit. During the Summit, North Korean supreme leader Kin Jong-un bought his own portable toilet along.

The reason? Well, he doesn’t want people to snoop around his poop!

Kim has stayed in the President Suite at the St. Regis Singapore during the Summit. The place contains a bathroom lined with French Breche de Benou marble. It has a Jacuzzi, a marble steam chamber and a gym.

His personal toilet arrived ahead to him on an IL-76 transport plane, along with a bulletproof limousine, food supplies and other essentials needs of Kim while abroad.

Kim was also so afraid that his plane would be shot down that on his trip to Singapore, so he used an elaborate ruse involving three planes taking off an hour apart each other to keep potential spies from seeingwhich aircraft he was on.