Video: Dutch PM cleans up his own mess and wins heart


-Spiegel Online

Web Desk: Head of a country holds several responsibilities because his public follows his steps, as the rulers are the mirror of his public. Therefore, some of the rulers take it serious and are too down to earth and lead a simple life.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte who last year cycled his way to the Royal Palace to meet Netherland King Willen-Alexander, now is in the global news. This time, the man has once again left everyone in awe of him.

While leaving parliament, he accidentally spilled his coffee and within a second, without any hesitation, he started mopping and cleaned his own mess.

His humble act shocked the housekeeper staff and other colleagues. Rutte borrowed a bucket and a mop to wash the floor and even took a cloth to wipe away coffee stains.

His video clip of mopping up the coffee was shared over and over, with gushing tweets about his humility, good humor and good humanness.