These 9 apps can make you more organised


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Web desk: People have smartphone’s addiction and they are wasting their precious time on it. But you can utilize your leisure time and increase productivity by using this gadget. There are many apps designed to help you get rid of this addiction and use our time wisely!

These 9 apps you must install on your mobile because it can make you more productive and organised.


It is the most convenient option for managing too many planners. It is basically a free calendar application that combines all your Google and Outlook calendars into one application.


It stands for ‘If This Then That’, it allows you to link 2 different programs on your phone. You can set up automatic sending of new photos to your e-mail or set up a weather alert.

Sleep Cycle

This is an smart alarm clock that developed on the basis of a scientific approach and studies on sleep phases. This app saves your nerve cells and makes it easier and wakes you up faster.


Lumosity app develops a person’s mental health. It chooses an individual program of training of a person on the basis of parameters such as memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem-solving.


This is for those who open more than five applications in the morning to check the news and see what is new with friends on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


It is a cloud storage that is created to store files. It enables you to have all your files at hand at any time.

Here users can find music for work, sleep or meditation. These melodies help you to focus on work, relax or quickly dive into sleep.


This assists you to start meditating for at least 10 minutes a day and obtain inner peace. Headspace guides you through cartoons, videos and audios. It is highly recommended.

Google Keep

The aim of this app is to create notes. It has many advantages, like you can add hashtags which means no more lost and forgotten passwords, dictate note on the move, sort notes by color, add scanned text and even share them with colleagues and family.

Source: Brightside