Snapchat’s CEO criticizes Zuckerberg for copying features



Web Desk: According to Snapchat’s CEO, Evan Spiegel, Facebook has made a habit of lifting a features from Snapchat (Now snap).

Snap CEO has two things to say about that, firstly, he is not impressed and secondly that Facebook can copy them and will still fail.

Spiegel said, ‘Snapchat is not just a bunch of features, it has an underlying philosophy that really runs counter to traditional social media. I think that’s why traditional social media feels threatened. Because fundamentally people realize that competing with their friends for ‘Likes’ and attention is kind of unpleasant and really not that great.’

He argues that Zuckerberg could copy all the snap’s features but not our values because Snap is a place for you and your close friends, as opposed to facebook’s competitive atmosphere.

“Fundamentally, they’re having a really hard time changing the DNA of their company. And the DNA of their company is all about having people compete with each other online for attention. Our values are hard to copy,” he continued.

Source: Indiatimes