Chewing gum waste turned into recycled shoes



Web Desk: Chewing gum is a combination of synthetic artificial flavors, in simple words, they are just a plastic or rubber. Therefore, bubble is a flavored gum that pollutes our environment.

A shoe company found a way to recycle the bubbles by trying to change all of that. They have transformed the chewing gum into shoes we can all wear.

A London-based company has collaborated with a Netherland-based group to come with a nice idea and turn all that discarded chewing gum into sturdy sole for a line of limited edition shoes, called Gumshoe.


The sole of the shoe was made by recyclable material, named as Gum-Tec, a material produced by Gumdrop, with at least 20 per cent chewing gum mixed into the blend. The rest of the shoe is made of leather.

Every four pairs of shoes are made by using 1kg of chewing gum. It is the world’s first pair of shoes made from chewing gum.

How the sole smells?

The team of the Gumshoe project says that the sole smells like chewing gum, if you were to get really close and take a sniff at it. That’s part of what makes the Gumshoe so unique.