Process of filing of nomination papers for general elections completes


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ISLAMABAD: The process of filing of nomination papers for general elections was completed on Monday. 

Earlier, the Election Commission extended the time for filing nomination papers for two hours from 1600 hrs till 1800 hrs on Monday.

ECP is now compiling preliminary list of candidates, which will be issued in due course of time.

According to the election schedule, scrutiny process of nomination papers will continue till 19th while appeals against rejection or acceptance of papers can be filed by 22nd of this month.

The Appellate Tribunals will decide the appeals by 27th, after which the revised list of candidates will be published on 28th of this month.

Candidates can withdraw their papers by 29th of this month, and the final list of candidates will be published the same day.

Election symbols will be allotted to the contesting candidates on 30th of this month, while the polling for both National Assembly and provincial assemblies will be held on 25th of next month.

Pakistan will welcome international election observers to observe the election 2018.

This was decided at a meeting of Election Commission of Pakistan held in Islamabad today with its Secretary Babar Fateh Yaqoob Mohammad in the chair.

The meeting was attended by representatives of foreign ministry, interior ministry, FBR and security institutions.

According to an ECP spokesperson, all institutions have been directed to process the visa requests of international observers without delay so that they could reach the country in time.

In consultation with all institutions, the duration of visas for foreign election observers will be limited from four to six weeks, and during this period observers will be able to observe election process, counting of votes at polling stations, and consolidation of results.

The preparation of a Code of Conduct for foreign observers is in last stages.