Meet this new bicycle ‘bearded dragon’



Web Desk: Placing order online is risky, it rarely happens that you get exactly what they are advertised to be. In many cases this blessing turned into massive disappointment.

This new case which is reported from US could not be beaten. A US couple ordered a bicycle online for her granddaughter, but what they found in their package was a breaded dragon.

Al and Chris Brummett ordered a bicycle. Their package arrived after two days. Mr. Brummett made the startling find after he pulled out the frame and other parts. He moved things to the side to ready his assemble job and there was a critter staring back at him, Riverside Country Animal service reported.

The couple was shocked to see this. Mr. Brummett said, ‘At first I freaked our because he was so big. Here was this massive lizard looking over his shoulder at me. There he was and he had this look, such as what the heck just happened.’

Riverside County Animal Services say the dragon appears to be in good health and was likely someone’s pet. It may have crawled into the box during the packing process.