Man brutally beats girlfriend for downloading SnapChat



Web Desk: A 21-year-old man, Dameon Marmolejo beat his 18-year-old girlfriend Solidad Torres brutally over an argument about SnapChat.

He saw a SnapChat message on her phone and then accused her of cheating on him. Later on, he attacked her brutally, left her unconscious and hospitalized.

He first slapped her across the face, then threw her to the ground and began to beat her.

Marmolejo was arrested in August last year and appeared in Lubbock County Court in Texas. He has been accused of inflicting serious bodily harm on his girlfriend. His shoe-shaped bruises were used as evidence against him.

The couple met each other on SnapChat, but she deleted the app when they got together. The incident took place after he realized she had re-installed the messaging app, assuming that she was cheating on him.