Man arrested for letters ‘Punish a Muslim day’


Web Desk: A 35-year-old man from Lincoln has been arrested over the ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ letters that called for 24 hours of sickening Islamophobic violence. He was arrested on suspicion of soliciting to murder, sending a hoax noxious substance and threatening letters, reported Metro.

Man arrested for 'Punish a Muslim day' letters

He is under custody at a police station in West Yorkshire.

The letter was about giving rewards, if people carry out attacks on Muslims, including torture, burning down mosques and throwing acid in people’s faces.

As a result of the letter, women were warned to hide their hijabs and not walk alone in response to the threats, while some families were urged to lock their doors.

(Picture: Tyne & Wear Citizens/Twitter)

Many non-Muslims showed their solidarity with Muslims, fighting against racism and Islamophobia.According to the member of Tyne and Wear Citizen, a local branch of Citizen UK, said they were spreading love not hate, on ‘Punish a Muslim’ day.