List of things Meghan Markle sacrificed to marry the prince



Web Desk: Meghan Markle belonged to an ordinary family, she was divorced before marrying the prince and her ex-husband had already claimed that she would never get anyone better than him. But what she got, a real prince. After marrying him, she became an official member of the royal family, but being a member of the royal family was not that easy, there are several things she had to sacrifice for his prince husband.

Life of a Duchess of Sussex is not that easy she has to follow specific rules to become the prince’s wife.

No social media accounts

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Social media accounts of Meghan Markle were disappeared 4 months before her marriage with Harry. Before deleting her all the accounts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, she thanked her followers. This ban sounds pretty logical if we consider it as a security measure.

No Selfies

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Queen or princes doesn’t approve to take funny and harmless selfie alone or with other people. Recently, she rejected taking selfie with her fan and explained that it is no longer allowed for her.

No autographs

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Due to security reasons, she is prohibited to give autographs. The signature could be copied and used for someone’s own malicious purposes.

Clothes and makeup limitations

Member of royal family requires to be appeared in public in appropriately dressed. Even their nail paint should not be too dark or bright as it looks vulgar.

Never express feelings publicly

The behavior of royal family in public should be modest. For example, they can’t hold each other’s hands.

Impossibility of voting in elections

The member of the royal family prefer not to give vote to not be blamed for a prejudiced attitude toward candidates.

Refusing her faith

Meghan Markle used to belong to the Catholic religion, but she had to take up the Anglican faith because the royal family can’t have a spouse of a different religion.

No more acting

Meghan Markle had to refuse her acting career as this work can’t be combined with her new lifestyle and rules that she has to follow.

Christmas with the Queen

The royal family spends every Christmas in Sandringham house in Norfolk where all the members attend a holiday service in the local St. Mary Magdalene church.

Etiquette training

The Duchess of Sussex will have to take a 6-month long royal etiquette training in order to learn the rules of behaving in public place.

Source: Brightside