Humans could live on Mars, says NASA


-National geographic channel

Web Desk: According to a chief NASA scientist, the first person to one day travel to Mars is likely already living on Earth, Dailymail reported.

The scientists revealed it, just a day after discovering the building block of life on the planet. Scientists also discovered an abundant source of organic matter in an ancient lakebed and traced some of the planet’s atmospheric methane to its roots.

Above, the Curiosity Mars rover vehicle can be seen at the site from which it drilled into a rock target called 'Buckskin' on lower Mount Sharp, where it found new evidence preserved in rocks on Mars that suggests the planet could have supported ancient life

During an interview with USA TODAY, Jim Green said, Humans will absolutely be on Mars in the future. ‘Now, we see Mars in an even better location for having past life,’ he added.

Researchers hope that human can start living on the planet by 2040, though that is dependent on quiet a few factor. NASA also needs to develop the technology to blast off from Mars and return to Earth. The Mars 2020 rover hopefully will achieve this goal. But potentially building an entire infrastructure, is the the biggest hurdle.

The recent discovery has not found evidence regarding the ancient life on Mars, but yet, it is a promising step forward ahead of missions to plan to dig even deep into the Martian soil and a good sign of the planet’s ancient habitability.