How the fans of Virat Kohli damages his statue?


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Web Desk: Indian people are too attached to cricket and take the game really serious. They almost break down and agitated after their defeat. In their aggression, they tear the cricketers’ poster, crushes their statues etc.

Recently, the Indian fans damaged the newly inaugurated wax statue of Virat Kohli. But guess what, they did it not due to aggression but because they are excited about him.

Fan following of Indian cricketer Virat Kohli can’t be arguable in India. They are crazy about how he looks and plays. They were excited about his life-size statue that was unveiled on Wednesday.

There excitement was at peak that someone took a bite of him, quite literally, the right ear to be exact. The fans rushed to click selfie with his statue, the right ear of the wax figure somehow got clipped.

The statue was removed from display and sent to the workshop for repair.

Virat Kohli’s newly inaugurated wax statue at Modame Tussauds in New Dehli.