Find out why a restaurant banned a kid without arms


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Web Desk: People who have abnormalities like if they are not born with arms, have to face many problems and obstacles in their life. Sometime we human who are physically normal but not mentally, become a hurdle for them and make them realize they are not like us.

Restaurants have strict rules like they will never allow people to have meal with feet. But when the diner in question is a three-year-old who was born without arms, it needs something beyond rules.

Credit: KMOV

A U.S, 3-year-old toddler, William Bancroft has adapted well to a life without arms and uses his feet for most everyday tasks. But he was banned by a local restaurant because he was eating with his feet. The staff said that William could not sit on the table because it violated some health department rules.

But the restaurant claimed staff hadn’t seen this take place but apparently treated the young boy so badly that other costumers were upset by the scene.

Source: Ladbible