Effective ways to detect hidden cameras



Web Desk: Eid is about to come and people are busy in doing shopping. Women wish to buy the perfect dress for Eid and don’t get satisfied until they try dress, they buy or about to buy.

But always remember, you can be captured by a hidden camera. Be careful in changing rooms and bathrooms of hotels, malls and shopping stores.

Here are some ways to detect such cameras and protect your well-being as well as your privacy.

Use your vision

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Look at the logical places where camera can be placed like tissue boxes, electrical outlets, plants. Look for a little hole, no bigger than this ‘O’ and also mirrors.

Use your cell phone

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Place a call and then wave the device around a suspected item. Your phone will make clicking and buzzing noises near a product that emits an electromagnetic field. Remember, not all phones do this.

Use Flashlight

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Turn off all the lights and slowly shine the flashlight around every inch of the room. Camera lenses are made with glass, so you’ll see a reflection of the light on the lens if there is a camera anywhere.

Use app

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Install a ‘detect hidden cameras’ app on your smartphone like ‘spy hidden camera detector’ to spot a camera.

Use your fingernail

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There could be a hidden spy camera on the other side of a mirror. But these two-way mirrors are spotable. Put your fingernail on the mirror and observe the gap between your finger and the mirror. It there is a gap between your fingers and the image is real. But if your finger and the image touch tip to tip, there would be a hidden spy camera.

When you suspect a camera, contact to the police. Make sure you have reasons of why you believe there are hidden cameras. You can also take a picture of the camera and give it to the authorities.