World’s first human transplant technique has developed



Web Desk: According to the Daily Mail, two surgeons in China believed that they may have found a technique to perform the world’s first human head transplant.

Their plan is to shock the body with a jolt of electricity with bold attaching the head to its neck. This invention will let patients who are suffering with paralysis and spinal cord injuries to be able to walk again.

A Chinese surgeon Xiaoping Ren said, ‘These patients don’t currently have good strategies, their mortality is very very high. So I try to translate this technique to benefit these patients. This is main strategy in the future.’

During the procedure of 18 hours, Chinese surgeons showed that how it is possible to reconnect the spine and nerves to a head. The surgeons received a lot of heat after performing trial surgeries on two corpses.

Source:  Deccanchronicle