Woman looks like Shrek after applying fake tan



Web Desk: A 20-year-old woman Danni, was teased for looking like Shrek when her fake tan left her skin incredibly dark green. She applied only one coat just for five minutes.

She said, ‘I was having a meltdown. I looked in the mirror and my whole chest was green.’

“I was hiding from everybody in the house. I had my hood up and sleeves of my gown down,” she continued.

PIC FROM Kennedy News and Media (PICTURED: DANNI BRUCE AFTER APPLYING THE ST MORIZ DARKER THAN DARK FAKE TAN AND THEN AFTER TRYING TO WASH IT OFF AGAIN) A 'notorious' fake tan fanatic who is even qualified to dish them out to others was left GREEN-faced when she turned her skin so dark she 'looked like Shrek'. Danni Bruce, 20, claims friends teased she was a dead ringer the ugly cartoon character and his green princess Fiona when the St Moriz Darker Than Dark left her skin jet black with a hint of green. Just five minutes after applying one coat of the fake tan Danni was unrecognisable, with hilarious photographs of her developing skin tone quickly going viral online. SEE KENNEDY NEWS COPY

The fake tan turned her skin into a strange color, she couldn’t wash it off instantly, because someone using the bathroom. She quickly turned dark green.

Thankfully the mousse did wash off to leave her a tone closer to her natural skin, but Danni says she still has a green tinge.

Source: Metro.co.uk