Vegetables worth US$ 173.164 mln, fruits US$ 339.428 mln exported in 3 quarters


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ISLAMABAD: The vegetables and fruits exports from the country during first three quarters of current financial year grew by 53.31 percent and 4.08 percent respectively as compared the exports of corresponding period of last year.

About 588,454 metric tons vegetables of different kinds worth US$ 173.164 million were exported in last nine months of financial year 2017-18 as against the exports of 417,923 metric tons valuing US$ 112.951 million of same period last year.

According the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, about 567,039 metric tons of fresh fruits costing US$ 339.428 million exported as compared the exports of 565,900 metric tons valuing US$ 326.116 million of same period of last year.

During the period from July-March, 2017-18 country earned US$ 315.597 million by exporting 130,148 metric tons of fish and fish production, which was recorded at US$ 275.807 million and 105,039 metric tons of same period last year, it added.

On month on month basis, vegetable exports grew by 147.20 percent in March, 2018 as 111,384 metric tons of vegetables worth US$ 35.782 million exported, which was recorded at 54,416 metric tons valuing US$ 14.475 million of same month of last year.

Where as fruits exports surged by 80.64 percent in March, 2018 as compared the same month of last year as about 73,691 metric tons of above mentioned commodities valuing US$ 44714 million exported as compared the 48,999 metric tons worth of US$ 24.753 million of same month of last year.

It may be recalled that during first three quarters food group exports grew by 28.06 percent as country earned US$ 3.431 billion by exporting different commodities including rice, wheat, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.

On month on month basis, it increased by 70.73 percent in March, 2018 and fetched about US$ 589.122 million, which stood at US$ 345.51 million of corresponding month of last year, the data reveled.—APP