Top 10 amazing gadgets used in the world today


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Web Desk: Things are being invented to make our life better, easier and faster. Several of things hit the shelves of our store one after another. These gadgets let us to manage our time while performing everyday task.

Have a look at the list of gadgets that are being used in the world.

Shopping cart with a calculator

LED slipper to prevent your pinkie toe from banging

This alarm clock makes you coffee when it’s time to wake up

An office box in the airport with an internet connection

Technology for those with no self-control

A telephone device for making your conversations completely private

These traffic lights are timed to show how long you’re about to wait

This weight watching belt helps you know your actual measurements

A measurement guide on the back of this spaghetti box

Hooks that help you to pick what you want

Source: Brightside