This rare strike by Japanese bus driver will drop your jaw



Web Desk: In a protest people who show their anger against injustice meted out to them by those in power. Public fight with the authorities through marches, protests and strikes to make their point.

Japanese ways of protest is different. Recently, bus drivers in Okayama working with Ryobi Group are feeling threatened about their jobs and want their organization to take steps to give them full assurance.

The bus drivers are on the street, driving and fulfilling their duties, but they are not charging the passengers anything for the rides.

They are on strike due to a new rival that has just launched its operations on the same route. The new bus line Megurin overlapping those of Ryobi and offering cheaper fare option.

The Japanese bus drivers ensure that the passengers aren’t harmed in any way, so they started offering free rides, which means workers are working free. Their protest is coming at the cost of their wages.

Source: Indiatimes