This is why higher altitude reduces heart function



Web Desk: A recent study revealed the reasons behind why heart function is found to be reduced at high altitudes. The research also exploded the facts which can be important for people who live, travel and exercise at high altitudes.

High altitude reduces the amount of blood the heart pumps around the body with each beat. The high altitude (over 3000m), the lower amount of oxygen in the air leads to (1) a decrease in the volume of blood circulating around the body, and (2) an increase in blood pressure in the lungs.

According to the researchers, both of these factors play a role in the reduction in the volume of blood the heart can pump with each beat, but importantly neither of these factors affects our ability to perform maximal exercise.

This research was important as it can improve our understanding of how the human body adapts to high areas. This will help people make exploration and tourism of Earth’s mountainous  regions safer, and may also help facilitate exercise performance in a wide range of sporting events that take place at high altitude.

Source: Deccanchronicle