This company beats Google, becomes world’s third largest company


—Photo by Reuters

Web Desk: The title of ‘World’s third largest company’ has been taken from Google and a renowned company has stolen the position and become the third most valuable firm.

Microsoft, is the company, that has beaten Google’s parent company Alphabet, in the market capitalization for the first time in three years. Globally, it has become third largest company after Apple and Amazon.

Investor’s Business Daily late report revealed on Tuesday that Microsoft had a market cap of $753 billion at the close of trading, almost $24 billion head of Alphabet.

Apple stood at first position with a market cap of nearly $924 billion, while Amazon is at distant second, with nearly $783 billion.

Microsoft now has over 135 million active Office, 365 business users, with 30.6 million Office 365 consumer users.

Source: Indianexpress