A hidden camera on ATM machine that you can’t spot



Web Desk: A common person can’t detect a camera that can be hidden inside ATM machines. Therefore, people are warned to always cover their pin number when getting cash out. Always remember that there are number of ways fraudsters can use a cash machine to steal your card and get banking details.

Can you spot the camera on this cash machine?

Camera can be hidden in the card slot that can be used to discover someone’s PIN. This allows fraudsters to look and then steal your card and later make a large cash withdrawal before you are able to cancel the card.

Cameras can also be hidden in the top or sides of the machine. Moreover, cash machine can be targeted include by attaching a skimmer that fits over the card slot and is made to look like a normal part of the cash machine. It is designed to make a copy of your information on the magnetic strip of your card when you insert it.

A card trap, is slid inside the real card slot so that when you finish using the machine, your card swallowed and won’t come out of the ATM. Fraudster will watch and wait until you leave the area, remove the trap from the slot and take your card.

Therefore, if you ever find a wobbly or bulky part that doesn’t seem to belong with the machine, such as cover over the card slot or a loose keypad, then get your card back without withdrawal any money.

Source: Metro.co.uk