Seven signs of vitamin B12 deficiency


Web Desk:  Deficiency of vitamin B12 is found in most of the people. The main reasons of it are strict vegetarian diet and weight loss surgery. Here are some signs that speak out loud about vitamin B12 deficiency.

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Weakness, lightheadedness, fatigueDue to the less supply of vitamin, the body produces fewer red blood cells that are necessary for spreading oxygen. As a result, you feel sleepy, tired and exhausted. Under such conditions, you must take a blood test to check your B12 levels.

Shortness of breath

As vitamin B12 plays an important role in the production of hemoglobin. Vitamin deficiency leads to anemia that causes shortness of breath and weakness.

Pale skin

Pale skin is also an indication of low level of vitamin B12 because production of red blood cell depends on vitamin B12. Therefore, you don’t have as many red blood cells circulating around your body and your skin can appear pale in color.

Swollen tongue

Deficiency of vitamin B12 in your blood, results in beefy, red and smooth tongue. DNA synthesis becomes impaired and epithelial cells of the mouth begin to divide rapidly and cause glossitis. This condition may get worsen day by day.

Vision loss

Vision loss may be diagnosed among people suffering from malnutrition or who do not consume any animal products. Consumption of vitamin B12 can improve visual fields and retinal sensitivity among people with glaucoma.

Depression, behavioral changes

It can lead to depression and behavioral changes. It has a strong impact on the serotonin production in your brain. Serotonin helps to regulate your mood.

Weakened bones

Vitamin B12 is vital for the formation of the body’s bone-building cells. Its deficiency can make your bone fragile, weak or brittle bones.

Source: Brigthtside