Seven hidden cooking techniques everyone should know



Web Desk: It definitely upsets you when rice doesn’t come out well or the crust of the baked chicken doesn’t look like how it should be. Anyway, anything can be learned and you can give your dishes an unforgettable taste.

Here are the 7 culinary tricks that can make the taste of your favorite dishes even better.

Why exact temperature in the oven is necessary?

Cakes’ thickness and texture are based on baking temperature. A good solution is to buy an oven thermometer to be able to check the exact temperature and regulate it if needed.

How to make juicy chicken

Juicy and tasty chicken can be made by soaking it in warm salty water before frying.

Use hair-dryer to dry chicken before frying

If you want your chicken with crispy skin, dry it with hair dryer before frying.  It helps to get golden color and be ready quicker.

Soft meat

Dip meat pieces into a mixture of cornstarch and egg whites, it makes meat’s texture more tender. This helps to sustain stable temperatures by keeping moisture on the surface of the meat and also lessens the chances of meat getting burned.

Perfect rice

Use a kitchen towel, which helps to spread the moisture inside the pot evenly and prevents rice from turning into sticky lumps.

Cook noodles

After having made noodles, place them into a zip-lock bag with cold water for 1.5 hours, this prevents them from sticking to each other. You can also add salt in the noodles while boiling.

How the amount of eggs affects baking

Eggs affect texture of dough, tastes, its color and moistness. Dough that made from eggs is usually more golden thin with a light consistency.

Source: Brightside