Senate should have powers to vote on Money Bills: Sherry Rehman


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ISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader in Senate Sherry Rehman Thursday called for changes to strengthen the foundations of the upper house. 

Speaking on the floor of the House, Rehman said: “The Senate of Pakistan must have powers to vote for the National Assembly’s Money Bill and not only give recommendations. The Money Bill is the Parliament’s most important piece of legislation. It is Pakistan’s road map for the year. Given that the Senate represents the crucial balance of powers between the province and federation the Upper House must be allowed to vote on it in the larger interests of the country”.

“Last year, we unanimously passed a Resolution in the Senate which says that this House recommends the government make necessary amendments in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973, to empower the Senate of Pakistan to block the Money Bill, including the Finance Bill. The Senate of Pakistan has called for these changes in the past as well, but nothing was achieved” the Senator continued.

Making her case, Rehman cited examples of how other countries have strengthened their federations, “The Senate in Thailand rejected controversial amnesty and finance bills on numerous occasions. Moreover, the United States Senate, Senators have the exclusive powers to conduct impeachment trials of Presidents and other high ranking officials as juries and judge. They have tried 17 federal officials including two presidents”.—NNI