Sana Fakhar’s strange Facebook post for Noor Bukhari


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Web Desk: Internet has become a place of controversies where the people have constantly been trying to tear the others down.

Recently, the most senior actress of our industry Sana Fakhar, go after Noor Bukhari.

Noor Bukhari is a senior Pakistani actress who has completely quite her acting career and endorsed hijab and decided to lead her life according to Islamic principles. Since then, Noor has been using social media for sharing religious and personal videos.

Pakistani actress Sana Fakhar posted on social media while tagging it to Noor’s ex-husband Wali Hamid Khan, she wrote “Humble request to all pray for Noor Bukhari z(nagtive mind)awn Chudry unhay own nahi kartay and wali ka ishaq unhay bhiilta nahi .. sorry can’t write all the details.”



Her Facebook post is little bit confusing and we are not sure what’s going on between them.

Wali Hamid Ali commented on Sana’s post, ‘I think we are all same field we have to work together Noor u leave this Industry not us it’s humble request think positive about everyone. Sana Fakhar I always respect you. Noor jo kuch kerna chati thein aap ne ker lita now enjoy your life my Best wishes are with you stay blessed.”

Later on, Noor posted a picture of her on Instagram and captioned it ‘#toalthehaters #mayallahgivesushidayah”