Woman requests Mark Zuckerberg to find her spouse


Web Desk: A 28-year-old woman from Kerala requested the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Her request is going viral on social media in which she requested of finding a life partner for herself.

When her request whopping 6,000 shares, she compiled them all in a PDF and sent it to Facebook CEO, along with her message to help her a significant other through #FacebookMatrimony.

She wrote, ‘I am not married. If you know of anyone, let me know. I am doing B.Sc in Fashion Designing, I am 28-year-old, I don’t have parents. Caste and religion are no bar. My brother works as an art director in Mumbai and younger sister is studying civil engineering. I am just putting my demand across to my friends on Facebook. Don’t waste vulgar comments. Facebook Matrimony is Facebook’s core network and helps one find their significant other. I have shared the news article that covered my story in a PDF format with Mark Zuckerberg on April 29. But it is not necessary that he sees the message sent by an ordinary woman like me. So, I request my friends and parents of friends to reach out to Zuckerberg as a mass petition in the format given below or write him a message in their own words on my behalf.’

Later on, she again posted.

I have sent a message to Mr. Mark Zuckerburg on 29 Apr 2018 as given below:-

Thank you Mr. Mark Zuckerburg and Priscilla Chan. I am Jyothi KG (facebook.com/jyothi.fashiondesigner). I have used #FacebookMatrimony for my marriage purpose and my post is viral now in Kerala, India through leading online media in Malayalam. Before this, my friend Mr. Ranjish Manjeri (facebook.com/ranjishmanjeri) has been introduced #FacebookMatrimony by somenone’s advice and it became viral through media in Kerala and he got married with the help of #FacebookMatrimony. His marriage was on 18 Apr 2018. Mr. Mark please consider my request and give a facility to select grooms and brides with the search option in country, state, district, name, gender, education, age, profession and religion base. #FacebookMatrimony will help gents and ladies to escape from the prison of horoscope, castes, luxury, lavishness etc. #FacebookMatrimony will help us to select one’s life partner easily with family support. #FacebookMatrimony will help us to find our life partner directly and it will end the exploitation by matrimonial sites and brokers. Once again Thanks.

Source: Indianexpress