Man almost dies after biting his fingernails


Web Desk: A young man, 28, named Luke Hanoman almost died after developing sepsis. He said he contracted the deadly blood disease because he bit his fingernails.

He was in hospital with two drips in his arms following a week of feeling really weird. He was under 24 hour observation after contracting an infection in his finger.

He told, “I had cold sweat, I was shaking and then going hot. And then my fingers started swelling up and I had this unbearable throbbing.”

Luke rushed to hospital where he was on a stretcher with a drip in his arm, with red lines all over his body and an extremely high temperature. He was so close to septic shock.

Doctors eventually found the infection in his finger and squeezed out more pus. Luke didn’t know about the symptoms but thankfully he received help in time.