Major Power Plants tripping caused power breakdown: Spokesperson


—Photo source: PTI

According to spokesman of the Power Division, restoration work is in process and teams are working to restore lines.

He said power generation had dropped to 11800 MW but has now reached 12000 MW.

Efforts are also being made to restore supply of electricity to Islamabad.

The spokesman said the South system is working and there is no supply failure to Sindh and Balochistan.

He said Ghazi Barotha has been synchronized and connected to the national grid.

Meanwhile, the spokesman of Water and Power Development Authority Lahore Kausar Noor Solangi said the country is facing disconnection of supply of electricity due to tripping of main line connected to Tarbela power plants. He said work is in progress to restore power supply.

He said electricity has been restored in parts of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Muzafargarh, Multan, DG Khan, Peshawar and Mardan.

According to Spokesperson of power Division, Multan 220KV grid has been restored and gradual restoration of individual 132KV grids and 11KV feeders is in progress.

He said Secretary Power Division himself is sitting in the National Power Control Centre in Islamabad to monitor the situation closely.

According to the Spokesperson of power Division, after Faisalabad the enrgization of Sheikhupura is being carried.

He said the electricity has been restored in eighty percent area of Islamabad.